Breaded Cod With White Wine Marinade

When it comes to marinades, I firmly believe that seafood takes the cake in the flavor department. They are top notch when it comes to soaking flavors in, all the way to the core, so that every bite is perfect. Cod is especially good because as it cooks, the surface breaks apart and all the marinade juice left on the outside can drip down into the core.

So I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re not a fan of white wine or you have a different marinade in mind, go for it. I’m not your marinade police. The one I list here is my favorite, but I’m a huge fan of experimenting.

I love to take fish and make all kind of wacky marinades, and since cod is on the cheaper side of seafood, it’s great for experimenting. Buy a few pounds, cut it into chunks, and place each piece in a different baggie with different sauces. That’s how I came by the buttery, lemon-y marinade shown here.

This recipe comes together with less than ten minutes of active time, and less than an hour total. As shown in the photos, I love to pair it with a spinach, cherry, and goat cheese salad. The creaminess of the goat cheese compliments the butter in the marinade well, making it feel even more savory and rich.

On the same note, I’ll say that the bread crumbs I use are the Progresso Italian style crumbs. I feel like they pair best with the lemon zing that you get from the marinating process. However, Panko crumbs were also delicious when I tried it with them, so feel free to swap out one for the other if need be.

With that being said, here’s how to whip up some great breaded codfish.

Serves 2


1 Pound Cod Fillet

1/4 Cup Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup Dry White Wine

2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter, melted

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

3/4 Cup Bread Crumbs

Cooking Spray or Oil


First off, wash the fish with cold running water for about a minute on each side. Dry with paper towel, then salt and pepper to taste on each side. Mix lemon juice, wine, and butter in a large freezer bag and add the cod (use fresh lemons, god damn it). Let marinate 30 minutes at least.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Once the cod has marinated, place the bread crumbs in a shallow, rectangular container. Remove the fish from the freezer bag and lay each side in the bread crumbs until coated. Grease a baking sheet (feel free to use tin foil for an easy clean up) and cook fish for fifteen to eighteen minutes. Remove and enjoy.

Serve hot.

Goes well with grilled, seasoned broccoli or a vibrant salad.

What I like about this dish is that it allows me to throw together a more elegant meal without a lot of effort. In fact, seafood in general is a really good way to treat yourself and eat well without spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Fish are already such perfect meals, all you need are a few good spices and some lemon juice to make it pop.

I may be so into seafood right now because spring is finally upon us. This means that fishing season is right around the corner. Soon I’ll have more fresh salmon than I’ll know what to do with. Oh no, guess that means I have to eat a lot.

It’s not binging, it’s research, okay?

Until next time, eat well and live happy.

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