For The Northern Light: College Cookbook: Foraged and fried fiddlehead ferns

For The Northern Light:

Spring is here and that means fiddleheads are ripe. There’s a very short window of time where the fiddleheads are ripe to pick. They are short, furled up and have a thin, brown casing on them. Pick from the bottom and gather up a few, and you have yourself a fancy foraged side dish, best served alongside pasta or even on top of pizza.


Image public domain

1. Clean the brown casing off the plant. You can do this with your hands under the faucet just fine.

2. Boil the ferns in water and salt for about fifteen minutes.

3. Place the ferns in a frying pan of hot oil, garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

4. Fry them up for roughly five minutes and they are ready to be served.

The fiddleheads are no longer good to eat after they have begun to unfurl. Reference online or text resources for foraging to make sure the fiddleheads you’re finding are good to be picked.


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